Campden Hill Road, Kensington, London

Original large property split into two properties, each occupying two floors. Our client has first and second floor with under-pavement vault storage to the front of her property.

Very damp and leaking under-pavement vaults to the front of our client’s property; had to perform a complete basement conversion to high grade dry basement storage space with lighting.

Head height was terribly poor, so the vaults, of which there were two, needed to be dug down and then structurally supported with a new floor slab.

In the basement conversion process, we linked the two vaults with waterproofing using a pumped waterproofing system and concealed the sump below a floating wooden floor that was then vinyl covered.

We supplied and fitted two hardwood exterior doors and frames into the vaults and finished the waterproofing detail into the frames.  The gas and water supplies ran through the vaults and we boxed these in with new ceilings, providing new electrics and lighting.

We formed steps down into the vaults internally, as the floor was lowered and the end result was clever extra dry basement storage.