Holmsdale Road (low numbers), Reigate, Surrey

Cottage to the rear of plot, converted to two individual flats - basement beneath the front of the lower flat.

Our clients called in SCS BEL after a bad experience with cowboy builders who had got themselves in a fine mess with building regulations, drainage and waterproofing, leaving our clients completely in the lurch with two unfinished, unusable properties.

SCS BEL was asked primarily to advise on the most practical way forward with the waterproofing of the basement area - and the job just grew from there.

We had to do a complete basement conversion to habitable space with some considerable structural elements; new support to ground floor, front wall cut outs, stairs to upper flat etc.

The basement floor was inadequate and uneven, so we had to break this up and replace it with a lower structural slab that was perfectly level.

In the basement construction, we used a pumped waterproofing system  concealed below the new carpet near to a discreet corner of the room.

We supplied and fitted a special new tilt and turn window to make escape from the basement room possible in the event of a fire.  The light well was then protected with breakaway railings which allowed passage from the light well but stop people from falling in.

We had to completely insulate the space with new ceilings, provide new electrics and lighting and link up brand new gas, water and electrical supplies back to new meters.

In the end, we completely finished the two flats for our clients down to the last lick of paint and even carried out restoration to the rear wall of the property on a neighbour’s land where we also landscaped his garden and erected a shed with a new paved pathway. The front of the flats were then paved and landscaped and we erected a hoarding between them and the clients’ other site.

We even had sound testing performed that passed and full checks were made by building control who found the work to be up to standard and  fit for use.

The overall finish was warm, light, spacious and contemporary.

Proposed end use - flats for hardworking professionals, near to the local station and commuter networks.

The flats were immediately let and we have moved on to other projects for these same clients.